Winther and his band hover between refined guitar pop, precise post-punk and atmospheric post-rock, among other things. And with such jazz-like dexterity that the music nearly elevates.
– Klassekampen (Norwegian Album of the Year, Chris Monsen)

Urfuglen is a record that explores the beauty of the incomplete, of the spontaneous, of the accidental, and it does so with majestic grace. Music that makes the listener feel alive, in all its carefree glory.
– Morgenbladet

A completely different piece of music, which you can easily lose yourself in…
– Dagsavisen

A place between impressionistic post-punk, avant-jazz and pop.
– DN Magasinet

Winther shows us once again that he is a musical seeker who refuses to be pigeonholed.
– Nettavisen